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Rules for Breaking Dawn Tent City camping announced!

Summit Entertainment just released the Rules and Regulations for Tent City prior to The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere!


TWILIGHT Fans are allowed to begin lining up for camping in Tent City at NOKIA PLAZA L.A. LIVE at 6:00am PT on Thursday, November 10, 2011. No fans are allowed to line-up prior to that time.  The location and start of the official fan camp line will be set by Summit Event Security and all other non-official lines will not be recognized.

Overnight camping is allowed in designated areas only, starting in the Nokia Plaza. Please follow all directions advised by L.A. LIVE and Summit security. Please note, that special wristbands will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and each fan must be present to receive a wristband. Each wristband will be numbered and reserves a space in the Fan Viewing areas for the BREAKING DAWN – PART 1 Red Carpet arrivals in sequential order. Every individual who is granted access into Tent City will be entered into a database that matches them with their unique wristband number. The wristbands DO NOT enable access to the Movie Premiere.

Fans will be asked to change location as Premiere set up begins in the Nokia Plaza on Monday morning November 14 at 6:00am PT. This will be the only relocation during the camping event.


·    ONLY Standard Sized Pop Tents will be allowed (4’x4′ [16 sq. ft.] or less. No oversized tents, staked tents, etc., due to limited space)

·    ABSOLUTELY No Drugs or Alcohol allowed on premises

·    No Cooking On-Site or open flame

·    No horseplay. If anyone dumps food or beverages on another camper, they will be subject for removal

·    No amplified music. All music devices must be used with headset or earphone

·    Smoking in Designated Areas Only outside of the NOKIA Plaza boundaries

·    Fans are responsible for their own property. LA Live, AEG, nor Summit is responsible for any lost or stolen items

·    Everyone must please pick up after themselves. A fine will be enforced for anyone who litters on Nokia or LA City property

·    Please only use the restrooms designated for fans and respect the other area businesses

·    Guests must follow the rules and directions of L.A. LIVE Management/Summit Security at all times

THANK YOU for your cooperation and adherence to the above to help ensure a safe and entertaining experience for everyone!


Twilight fans will be given wristbands starting at 6:00am PT on Thursday, November 10 2011. Wristbands MUST be worn until the premiere is over. Any wristband that has been tampered with or removed will NOT be considered valid. Any fan arriving without wearing the original wristband they were provided will not be allowed into the viewing area. There will be periodic spot checks through November 14, the day of the event.


See you in LA!



Rob to attend the LA Breaking Dawn Convention – did we hear that right?

Yesterday, Cullyn and I were having a fantastic day at the Baltimore Twilight Convention when it was time to gather for the much-anticipated auction session. During the auction, Creation Entertainment offers Twilight Saga items ranging from action figures to the coveted convention banners for fans to bid on and take home. At the last LA TwiCon in March we scored a great deal on a Volturi banner ($70!) , so we were primed for bidding battle!

After about 15 minutes, the host/auctioneer decided it was time for a Robert Pattinson banner to go up for auction. For the prior banners, he threw in an autograph ticket so the celebrity guests at the Baltimore event could sign them…making the items even more valuable! When talking about the RPatz banner, the auctioneer casually said, “Unfortunately, Rob is not here to sign it, but he will be at our Century City event.” The Breaking Dawn Convention on 11/4 – 11/6 is being held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in the Century City area of Los Angeles!

Surprisingly, there wasn’t a huge reaction from the crowd, which made Cullyn and I look at each other and ask, “Did we just hear that?” Then someone from the back of the room yelled, “Would he sign it there?” At that point, we knew we heard him right. (BTW – the auctioneer did not respond to that person’s question, and no autograph ticket was provided.)

Earlier in the day, the host/auctioneer asked if anyone was attending the LA event, and we were only part of a handful of people to raise ours hands (and cheer). Plus, there weren’t a ton of people in the auction session. So, we attributed the lack of reaction to the Rob news to those two things.

Also, there was no mention of Kristen Stewart or Taylor Lautner attending the Breaking Dawn Convention, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t gong to be there…just that the auctioneer didn’t say anything about them.

So, we are super psyched! Of course, this comes with the caveat that Summit has not confirmed this news!



Christina Perri’s Bucket List: Have a song on the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

Here’s a post from Christina Perri’s blog about how much she wanted to be a part of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Soundtrack!


my dream came true!

posted by christina perri
september 26, 2011

two years ago i made a bucket list with my best friend full of all the things i could possibly dream of. keltie + i deemed 2010 “the 10” and it was going to be the best year of our lives.

fast forward to july 2010… every single thing on my list came true (ie. quit smoking, sign a record deal, open a savings account, meet jason mraz.. etc..) seriously. it was epic + it all happened. 

so this past year keltie + i decided to do it again + this time were were going to dream even bigger! the number one thing on my list this year was:
and it happened!!!!!! ahhhh!!!!! + the whole soundtrack seems amazing! im soo honored to be smack in the middle of all those artists! i am so grateful for this opportunity!

“a thousand years” is a brand new song me + my best friend david hodges wrote for bella + edward. we wrote it after we so luckily screened the movie (ahhhh! you’re all going to flip out its the best movie ever!!!) 

i couldn’t be more proud of this song.
or more proud of myself for not giving up on my dream.

the moral of this story is: 
everything is possible! 
manifest your dreams!
never ever ever give up!
dream HUGE!



special thanks to: alexandra patsavas, chop shop + atlantic records xo


No, thank YOU, Christina!!



Just released: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 soundtrack and artwork

At last! The long-awaited playlist for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 was released today. Unfortunately, Jackson Rathbone’s band 100 Monkeys and Robert Pattinson do not have songs on the soundtrack. Not surprisingly, the Noisettes’ tune Sister Rosetta, which played during an exclusive Breaking Dawn Comic Con clip of Bella preparing for her “big night” and caused excited fans to scramble online to identify the title and artist, is track #9.

There will be two versions of the soundtrack; one will have the songs that appear on the artwork, below, and a second that contains four bonus tracks.

Here is the soundtrack!

1. End Tapes – By The Joy Formidable (Perfect for the soundtrack! Here’s their video “Austere.”)
2. Love Will Take You – By Angus & Julia Stone
3. It Will Rain – By Bruno Mars (According to recent buzz, he’s Team Bella.)
4. Turning Page – By Sleeping At Last
5. From Now On – By The Features
6. A Thousand Years – By Christina Perri (She’s a Twilight fan and known for her song “Jar of Hearts.”)
7. Neighbors – By Theophilus London
8. I Didn’t Mean It – By The Belle Brigade
9. Sister Rosetta (2011 Version) – By Noisettes (Scene: Bella frantically running around preparing for the beach/wedding night.)
10. Northern Lights – By Cider Sky
11. Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version) – By Iron & Wine (Link is to the 2008 version from Twilight.)
12. Requiem On Water – By Imperial Mammoth
13. Cold – By Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz
14. Llovera – By Mia Maestro (Mia plays Carmen from the Denali Coven in Breaking Dawn!)
15. Love Death Birth – By Carter Burble

16. Like A Drug (Bonus Track) – By Hard-Fi
17. Turning Page (Instrumental) – By Sleeping At Last
18. Eclipse (All Yours) [Bonus Track] – By Kevin Teasley (Here’s the version by Metric.)
19. It Will Rain – By Bruno Mars [Edit]

The Breaking Dawn – Part 1 soundtrack will be available on November 8.

Thanks to Summit Entertainment for the info!



Los Angeles Breaking Dawn Convention gold packages now on sale

Photo credit: Summit Entertainment/Creation Entertainment website

Creation Entertainment announced today that gold packages (now called the Cullen Crest Gold Package) for the Los Angeles Breaking Dawn Convention on November 4-6, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza are on sale for $349. Other, less expensive, tickets will be available at a later date. Hotel reservations can be booked now.

Although there are no details posted on the website about confirmed celebrity guests, the 2010 Twilight Saga: Eclipse Convention featured the big three: Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

So far, here is what Creation Entertainment is sharing about the weekend:

“Friday afternoon: Pre-Registration for attendees coming the entire convention. Not a necessity, but a convenience, you are free to register at any time. Friday early evening: Celebrity Panel events in the theatre Friday evening: Celebrity Karaoke Party.

Saturday morning: Registration Saturday afternoon, early evening: Celebrity Star Panels, Special Theatre Events Saturday night: “Twilight Saga Wedding Reception” Party: join fellow fans and celebrity drop-ins for this special celebration featuring music and dancing. Come dressed to kill! 

Sunday morning until early afternoon: Celebrity Breakfast and Silent Charity Auction, Autographs and Photo Ops with supporting stars to be announced.”

As with prior Twilight Conventions, there will be several competitions; including costume, trivia and centerpiece. However, instead of the Volturi Vampire Ball, Saturday night’s event is now listed as “The Twilight Saga: Wedding Reception Party” in honor of Bella and Edward’s nuptuals.

Other highlights include The Hillywood Show sisters, Hilly and Hanna Hindi, reprising their roles as convention hosts, as well as a Celebrity Brunch and Charity Auction on Sunday morning.



In the air and on the road to Forks for Stephenie Meyer Day 2011

Our trek to Forks, WA for Stephenie Meyer Day 2011 began at 6:00 am EST and ended at 8:15 pm PST. Here are the details of our (almost glitch-free) trip:

6:00 am EST – Wake up, shower, eat breakfast and wait for the airport shuttle to arrive at 7:15 am.
7:15 – 7:25 am EST- Wait for the shuttle. Double check Twilight Saga apparel.
7:30 am EST – Shuttle arrives with a very chatty driver (we’re not morning people) and news that we need to pick up two more people.
7:35 am EST – receive SWA text that flight is delayed an hour which will make us miss our connection. Great.
7:45 am EST – Pick up a very buff 60 year-old women who is flying out to San Diego (sigh) to meet a cycling group  who is biking from CA to Georgia. She’s riding 120 miles/day.  We’re doing that, too – today…in a car.
8:00 am – Receive text from SWA that flight is now on time. ???
8:15 am – Pick up last passenger who is not real chatty. Realize I left our boarding passes on the dining room table.
8:45 am – Arrive at PHL. Reprint boarding passes. Wait for 30 minutes to get through security line because there were two TSA people checking IDs and only two security lines. On a Friday morning.
9:50 am EST – Take cheesy tourist self-portrait. Board flight to STL. No drama.

At PHL waiting to board our flight.

11:35 am CST – Arrive in STL. Seek lunch. Not many healthy options.
12:10 pm CST – Board flight to SEA. Read The Official Guide to the Twilight Saga. Slept 90 minutes.
2:10 pm PST – Arrive in SEA 35 minutes early! Yay! Get rental car. No drama.
2:30 pm PST – Cullyn, “Why is the GPS taking us north?”
3:00 pm PST – Cullyn, “Why are we following the signs for the ferry?” (She’s afraid of being on boats.) Me, “Trust the GPS.”
3:45 pm PST – In line for the Edmonds – Kingston, WA Ferry. Whoops. 

So, after disembarking the ferry and traveling on a lot of two-lane, windy roads we arrived in Forks at 8:15 pm! Off to Bella’s Bridal Shower!


100 Monkeys sings hurricane song

At last night’s 100 Monkeys concert at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA the band’s instant song was called “Hurricane.” Jackson Rathbone, who plays Confederate soldier-turned-vampire Jasper Hale in The Twilight Saga, was on lead vocals.

During every 100 Monkeys show, the band asks the audience to shout out suggestions for an instant song – then the guys create and perform it on the spot.

Here is fan @OhMyCarlisle’s YouTube video of “Hurricane.”



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