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Just released: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 soundtrack and artwork

At last! The long-awaited playlist for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 was released today. Unfortunately, Jackson Rathbone’s band 100 Monkeys and Robert Pattinson do not have songs on the soundtrack. Not surprisingly, the Noisettes’ tune Sister Rosetta, which played during an exclusive Breaking Dawn Comic Con clip of Bella preparing for her “big night” and caused excited fans to scramble online to identify the title and artist, is track #9.

There will be two versions of the soundtrack; one will have the songs that appear on the artwork, below, and a second that contains four bonus tracks.

Here is the soundtrack!

1. End Tapes – By The Joy Formidable (Perfect for the soundtrack! Here’s their video “Austere.”)
2. Love Will Take You – By Angus & Julia Stone
3. It Will Rain – By Bruno Mars (According to recent buzz, he’s Team Bella.)
4. Turning Page – By Sleeping At Last
5. From Now On – By The Features
6. A Thousand Years – By Christina Perri (She’s a Twilight fan and known for her song “Jar of Hearts.”)
7. Neighbors – By Theophilus London
8. I Didn’t Mean It – By The Belle Brigade
9. Sister Rosetta (2011 Version) – By Noisettes (Scene: Bella frantically running around preparing for the beach/wedding night.)
10. Northern Lights – By Cider Sky
11. Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version) – By Iron & Wine (Link is to the 2008 version from Twilight.)
12. Requiem On Water – By Imperial Mammoth
13. Cold – By Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz
14. Llovera – By Mia Maestro (Mia plays Carmen from the Denali Coven in Breaking Dawn!)
15. Love Death Birth – By Carter Burble

16. Like A Drug (Bonus Track) – By Hard-Fi
17. Turning Page (Instrumental) – By Sleeping At Last
18. Eclipse (All Yours) [Bonus Track] – By Kevin Teasley (Here’s the version by Metric.)
19. It Will Rain – By Bruno Mars [Edit]

The Breaking Dawn – Part 1 soundtrack will be available on November 8.

Thanks to Summit Entertainment for the info!



Stephenie Meyer Day 2011 – Go green for Twilight with a keepsake from Forks High School!

While enjoying the Stephenie Meyer Day 2011 vendors, we met Tena Gagnon, jewelry designer and owner of The Forks Forest. A resident of the Twilight town, she launched her jewelry business in 2009 on Etsy, first making Twilight-themed items but recently adding pieces representing The Hunger Games.

Tena’s stunning SMD 2011 display featured beautifully hand-made jewelry, but what caught our eye was her Upcycled Collection fashioned out of debris from Forks High School’s past structural improvements and recent demolition. The repurposed items, crafted from the gymnasium floor, facade bricks, copper pipes and aluminum scrap, are limited editions and all one-of-a-kind.

The Forks Forest Upcycle Collection includes wooden boxes, bricks, bookends and bracelets – all available for purchase on Tena’s Etsy site.  At SMD 2011, we couldn’t resist buying a copper and aluminum bracelet with “Dazzle Me” stamped on it.

Twilight Bond purchased this keepsake bracelet made out of copper pipes and aluminum scrap from FHS. Photo credit: Megan L. Reese.

Forks High School Historical Book Ends made from 1925 bricks and 1963 gym floor. Metal stamp on the front says FHS. Photo credit: The Forks Forest.

Forks High School Upcycled 1936 Flooring Box and 1925 brick. Photo credit: The Forks Forest.

Built in 1925, Forks High School added a gym in 1963 and replaced the wood floor in 1996. At that time, West Waste and Recycling,  owned by Tena’s husband, salvaged and stored the wood in its facility for almost 15 years until Tena reinvented it. Last summer, Forks High School was torn down to make room for a new FHS building, which provided additional materials for the innovative, green designer.

Forks High School demolition. Photo credit: Chris Cook, Forks Forum

Immortalized in The Twilight Saga after Edward and Bella met and fell in love while attending classes there, Forks High School was a must-see on the to-do list of TwiHard tourists. Fortunately, visitors can now own an actual piece of the school as a special, unique keepsake!



Los Angeles Breaking Dawn Convention tickets may be on sale soon

Those of us who attended Creation Entertainment’s March 2011 Los Angeles Twilight Convention were given the opportunity to “re-up” while at that event and buy Gold tickets for the next LA TwiCon (Burbank 2012) with the understanding that it could be rescheduled as a Breaking Dawn Convention in November 2011. So, we plunked down our money – with fingers crossed…

Twilight Bond at the LA TwiCon in March, 2011.

Yesterday, we received an email from Creation Entertainment requesting we let them know if we wanted our tickets changed over to the Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Convention on November 4-6! Yes!

Stay tuned as I would deduce that tickets for the Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Convention will be on sale SOON! It’s fewer than two months away, after all!

So, who’s planning on going?



The Hillywood Show’s new Twilight sketch with Evil Iguana Productions

Looks like The Hillywood Show has done it again with a hilarious sketch! This time they teamed up with Craig and Tony from Evil Iguana Productions (EIP) and introduced the guys to Bella, Edward, Jacob, Alice and Jasper.

Craig and Tony get a crash course in Twilight when they enter their hotel room and find they’ve stepped into the saga.



Twilight Bond gear now available!

The Twilight Bond Cafe Press store is now OPEN! From t-shirts to iPhone and workout accessories, we have what you need to celebrate The Twilight Saga!

Come visit my store on CafePress!



100 Monkeys sings hurricane song

At last night’s 100 Monkeys concert at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA the band’s instant song was called “Hurricane.” Jackson Rathbone, who plays Confederate soldier-turned-vampire Jasper Hale in The Twilight Saga, was on lead vocals.

During every 100 Monkeys show, the band asks the audience to shout out suggestions for an instant song – then the guys create and perform it on the spot.

Here is fan @OhMyCarlisle’s YouTube video of “Hurricane.”



Did RPatz steal from his friend?

Submitted to HULIQ by Jane Lasky on 2011-08-27

Multi-talented Robert Pattinson is many things, but a thief? Not so, even though some sources are hinting at the idea that the Twilight Saga star may possibly have “stolen” a song from his friend – “stolen” being used in a very loose sense of the word.

It seems that a while back, Robert Pattinson was hanging out with mate Marcus Foster. The guys were reportedly together in a pub, when the two “sang [I Was Broken] …. and someone recorded it on their phone.” Sounds convoluted, with maybe a jealousy tinge. But let’s look at the alleged situation:

Apparently, that recording landed on the ether, and before either singer realized what was happening, the song went viral on the Internet.

Turns out the song in question — ironically dubbed I Was Broken — eventually ended up on the Twilight sound track and the rest is history as Pattinson has been able to add accomplished musician to his ample resume as rarefied thespian du jour and big time Hollywood hunk.

But did Robert Pattinson end up stealing the song from Marcus Foster? It seems that answer would be a big negative. In fact, the song in question, one that Foster claims is his, is voiced as such. On the track, as linked here, RPatz says the tune is by Marcus Foster. Credit is given where credit is due.

Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson serves as a great ambassador for the song he and Marcus Foster worked out. Indeed, as a perk of their pub work, I Was Broken has become famous — with no apparent stealing involved in the process.



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