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The Road to Forks (Highway 101)

If you’ve never been to Forks, here’s 30 seconds of Highway 101 – one of the only ways into the town.

Cullyn is narrating. She really IS excited, but we’d been traveling for 10 hours at this point…



In the air and on the road to Forks for Stephenie Meyer Day 2011

Our trek to Forks, WA for Stephenie Meyer Day 2011 began at 6:00 am EST and ended at 8:15 pm PST. Here are the details of our (almost glitch-free) trip:

6:00 am EST – Wake up, shower, eat breakfast and wait for the airport shuttle to arrive at 7:15 am.
7:15 – 7:25 am EST- Wait for the shuttle. Double check Twilight Saga apparel.
7:30 am EST – Shuttle arrives with a very chatty driver (we’re not morning people) and news that we need to pick up two more people.
7:35 am EST – receive SWA text that flight is delayed an hour which will make us miss our connection. Great.
7:45 am EST – Pick up a very buff 60 year-old women who is flying out to San Diego (sigh) to meet a cycling group  who is biking from CA to Georgia. She’s riding 120 miles/day.  We’re doing that, too – today…in a car.
8:00 am – Receive text from SWA that flight is now on time. ???
8:15 am – Pick up last passenger who is not real chatty. Realize I left our boarding passes on the dining room table.
8:45 am – Arrive at PHL. Reprint boarding passes. Wait for 30 minutes to get through security line because there were two TSA people checking IDs and only two security lines. On a Friday morning.
9:50 am EST – Take cheesy tourist self-portrait. Board flight to STL. No drama.

At PHL waiting to board our flight.

11:35 am CST – Arrive in STL. Seek lunch. Not many healthy options.
12:10 pm CST – Board flight to SEA. Read The Official Guide to the Twilight Saga. Slept 90 minutes.
2:10 pm PST – Arrive in SEA 35 minutes early! Yay! Get rental car. No drama.
2:30 pm PST – Cullyn, “Why is the GPS taking us north?”
3:00 pm PST – Cullyn, “Why are we following the signs for the ferry?” (She’s afraid of being on boats.) Me, “Trust the GPS.”
3:45 pm PST – In line for the Edmonds – Kingston, WA Ferry. Whoops. 

So, after disembarking the ferry and traveling on a lot of two-lane, windy roads we arrived in Forks at 8:15 pm! Off to Bella’s Bridal Shower!


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